Order Confirmation

Thank you so much for your order! You should receive an order confirmation very shortly after placing your order. Sometimes, there can be technical problems, and sometimes emails get sent to your spam folder. If you check your spam folder and nothing is there, please contact me and I will confirm that your order was placed and make sure that the email I have for you is correct. You will be receiving a series of emails regarding the status of your order (like when it has shipped, out for delivery, etc.), so it's important I have a working email address!

Order Changes and Cancellation

We may be able to cancel your order... but it's very likely that we wont be able to. How's that for an answer? Being able to cancel an order depends on a lot of things that are outside of my control. Time zone differences. Weekends. Mercury Retrogrades.... As soon as you place your order, the printing team usually starts creating items in your order immediately. So, if you need to cancel your order, contact me as soon as you possibly can and I'll see what I can do. If your items have already been printed or the order has shipped, it cannot be canceled. You must go through the returns process. If you want to change or add items to an order, it may be possible if we act quickly.

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