The Moon Women Collection

to conjure good feelings and positive vibrations, and to ignite your imagination and dreams.



Remember the magic infused in a moonlit night.


Close your eyes. Allow the art to pull you in. Think about that lovely, serene feeling that happens when you pause before the beauty of a glorious full moon. Feel the moon's influence... steady, calming, magical. Let peace and stillness flow through you.

Now, think about owning something from the collection for yourself. Then, you can use the power and energy of the Moon Women designs to move toward those feelings and experience them, right when you need it, right where you are. The Moon Women Collection is a reminder that this peace and tranquility are always possible.

You deserve peace. Step into it whenever you want. ☽


Picture yourself sharing the space with each Moon Woman and begin to feel more grounded, peaceful and present.



Each Moon Woman design is offered on multiple products like t-shirts, tote bags, mugs and other items.
Click on each image below to see that Woman's collection.